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[Good News] Chengfa Trading Company's successful bid has been reported frequently

Release Time:[2023-04-03 13:53 ]  Number of views:191

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At the beginning of the new year, good news will spread again. Chengfa Trading Company successfully won the bid for the 2023-2024 steel bar and profile steel frame procurement (secondary) project of China Railway Erju Group Materials Co., Ltd., with a winning amount of 275 million yuan.


It is reported that China Railway Erju Group Materials Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Railway Erju, is responsible for the procurement and supply management of construction materials of China Railway Erju, focusing on the procurement and supply management of engineering project materials. It is a professional materials company integrating transportation, warehousing, material trade, etc., with an annual supply and sales of materials exceeding 10 billion yuan.

This successive bid winning in the first year fully demonstrates the strong development momentum of Chengfa Trading Company, and has taken a solid step towards achieving the annual business objectives. In the next step, the company will focus on key target tasks internally and accurately implement policies, optimize market layout externally to enhance competitive hard power, and continuously contribute to the high-quality development of the group with high-quality market development results!

(Information source: Chengfa Trading Company of Chengfa Group)

(Writer: Xie Yanwen)

(Photographer: China Railway Erju Group Materials Co., Ltd.)

Submitted on: February 13, 2023