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Chengfa Trading Company focuses on watching educational warning films

Release Time:[2023-03-28 18:45 ]  Number of views:194

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In order to carry out in-depth warning education and effectively enhance the awareness of Party members, cadres, and employees in resisting corruption and preventing change, the City Development Trade Company organized all Party members and cadres to watch the special educational warning film "Always Blow the Charge".



All party members and cadres received a vivid, intuitive, and profound warning education on clean government. The cases in the film were highly targeted and shocking, and the confession in the film sobered later generations. Watching the educational warning film this time has further strengthened the political awareness, rule awareness, and discipline awareness of all party members of the company, and strengthened the ideological defense line against corruption and change.

(Information source: Chengfa Trading Company of Chengfa Group)

(Author: Luo Xuan)

(Photographer: Luo Xuan)

Submitted on: March 28th, 2023